Spend Christmas in Amish country.

As snow falls softly outside the window, curl up by the fire with this collection of 14 stories by your favorite Amish fiction authors.

Let them transport you to Amish communities all across the country. Travel to small towns where horses clip-clop down the road, farms dot the snow-covered landscape, and families gather to celebrate the real meaning of Christmas.

Sigh over sweet stories that touch your heart. Laugh, cry, rejoice, and smile as couples renew their faith and find their perfect soul mates. These heartwarming tales of faith, hope, love, and Christmas miracles are our special gift to you.

May you be richly blessed this holiday season as you celebrate the birth of the Saviour of the world!

A Christmas Homecoming
by Mary Alford

A sinner. A saint. A homecoming no one expected!

Simon Lambright has plenty to be sorry for—including a prideful mistake that almost destroyed three lives. With mistakes weighing heavily on his heart, can Simon overcome the past and the impression his former community still has of him, and be the man he was meant to be? Widow Abigail Petersheim is embracing the future she hopes is waiting for her and her daughter Lyddie this holiday season when she returns to the tiny Amish community of St. Ignatius, Montana. When her cousin needs help at the family bakery, Abigail is convinced the job offer comes straight from Gott and will be the Christmas miracle she and Lyddie so desperately need. Yet nothing about her homecoming is as she envisioned, and the childhood farm she once cherished is about as broken as Abigail’s life. Abigail enlists the help of her neighbor and carpenter Simon Lambright to repair her home, but soon discovers a friendship from long ago will turn into something worth cherishing. And the past that brought two wounded souls back to St. Ignatius will become a homecoming neither expected.

Peanut Butter Christmas
by Jennifer Beckstrand

Volunteer firefighter Jerry Zimmerman left his Amish community without telling anyone, not even his girlfriend Mary Yutzy. Four months later, Mary is still heartbroken, and now, at the beginning of the Christmas season, she is having trouble finding anything to be merry about. Eight-year-old twins Alfie and Benji Petersheim can’t stand the thought of Mary being sad at Christmastime, and they’re determined to lure Jerry back to Bienenstock. Unfortunately, to get Jerry’s attention, they might have to set something on fire, and Mamm would never approve. Add a pair of ice skates, a chocolate peanut butter pie, and two walkie-talkies, and the boys are up to their eyeballs in mischief. Even though she resists the pull of romance and the wonder of Christmas, Mary might just discover that Christmas miracles can be found even when you’re not looking for them.


The Christmas Program
by Laura Bradford

Visit Amish country for one of the most beloved traditions of the holiday season with national bestselling author Laura Bradford.

In the blink of an eye, Leah Miller has gone from assistant teaching in her own district, to being the sole teacher in an unfamiliar classroom, just days before the students’ annual Christmas program. Now, in addition to learning names and preparing lessons, Leah must also make sure the schoolhouse is decorated and the children have learned the many songs, poems, and skits that are such a treasured part of the Christmas season in Amish country. It’s an exciting time for Leah and all of her students ... except one.

With the help of Wes Hostetler, a kind and handsome stranger who well remembers the Christmas programs of his own youth, Leah tries everything she can to help soothe little Emily Mast’s fears. But will it be enough to make a difference, or will yet another unexpected wrinkle make it so Leah is the first teacher in the district’s history forced to cancel the beloved tradition?

The Amish Author's Christmas by Ashley Emma

What happens when an undercover author stays in an Amish community to do research for her next novel—but doesn’t tell her new Amish friends she’s writing about them?

On the outside, Ivy Everwood appears to have it all—money, fame, and a wildly successful career. But truthfully, she’s alone and unhappy. She has no family, no real friends, and her writing career is about to fall apart. Her writing has gone stale. What Ivy needs is a new perspective. After seeing a brochure for Isaiah’s Amish Buggy Rides in Unity, Maine, Ivy knows instantly that’s where she wants to set her next romance novel. Ivy calls to inquire about staying with an Amish family, and she’s stunned when Isaiah Miller invites her to stay with them.

The Millers have no idea her agent wants her to write a novel about them. She doesn’t expect Isaiah’s family to welcome her with open arms, treat her like family, and invite her to stay for Christmas, since she has no family to spend Christmas with. She doesn’t expect to feel at home for the first time in her life… or to fall in love. Can Ivy tell them the truth before the truth gets out on its own?

A Gift Worth Waiting For
by Tracy Fredrychowski

When tragedy strikes Amanda Beiler, not once but twice, she is left to raise her seven sisters by herself. As her faith is tested, her Amish community surrounds her with love and compassion, but will it be enough to see her through? Or will Bishop Weaver take things in his own hands and use his widowed nephew to help heal her wounded spirit?

Christmas should be a time for joy and renewal, but for Adam Weaver, it only reminds him of all he’s lost. Can he put his anguish aside to comfort the young woman, or will he ignore the prompting of his uncle to help a neighbor in need? When Adam’s pain is still too raw to speak of, he pens a series of messages to Amanda that turns into an unexpected friendship. Can their shared grief help them both realize sometimes the best gifts in life are those worth waiting for?


Sleigh Bells Ring
by Kathleen Fuller

Hope Miller likes working as a clerk at Lewis’s Deli and Meats, a new shop in her hometown of Gatesville, OH. But she likes the owner, Griffin Lewis, even more. Believing he will never return her feelings, she keeps her emotions deep inside, focusing on her job and not on her handsome boss.

Griffin Lewis used to be a big-time chef, running some of the most successful kitchens in restaurants all over the country. He gave up that life to become Amish, and it was the best decision he’s ever made. He’s new to the community of Gatesville and is struggling to fit in. He could never imagine a sweet woman like Hope falling for him, especially if she learned about his past.

When Hope suggests that Griffin cater and host a Christmas supper for the church, he is enthusiastic about the idea. Who will reveal their feelings first—Hope or Griffin? Or will both of them continue to keep each other at arm’s length?

A Christmas to Treasure
by Rachel J. Good

He married her to care for his children, but she wants to be his wife—and not in name only.

At thirty, Rose Beiler is convinced she’ll never marry. Then she gets the opportunity of her dreams. She had a crush on her best friend’s older brother, Joshua King, for years, but he married someone else and moved away. Now he’s back in town, a widower with four young daughters. The last thing Joshua wants is a wife, but he does need someone to care for his children. His family pressures him to marry Rose, and he agrees, although business struggles and a painful past cause him to stay distant. And his older daughter, who resents having a new mother, does her best to sabotage their relationship.

When Rose discovers Joshua’s money worries, she secretly takes a part-time job to help with the bills and give each child a Christmas gift. Yet, no matter how much she loves and gives, she can’t find a way to Joshua’s heart. Then a brush with danger causes Rose to reevaluate their marriage. Almost losing her makes Joshua realize how much he cares, but is it too late? Can he win her back and make them a family that celebrates the true meaning of season? Or will this be their loneliest Christmas ever?


The Blessing Jar
by Loree Lough

For as long as she’s known David Baden, Anna Hertzler has written prayers on slips of paper that she might be his wife, and dropped them into the Mason jar on her dresser. Unfortunately, David barely seems to notice her … unless she’s serving him a meal at the Let’s All Eat diner. Not only has David noticed her, he admires the hardworking beauty who cares for her disabled parents and manages their struggling eatery. She thinks their 8-year age difference is why he keeps his distance. Better to let her think that than to see her loving expression turn to disgust should she learn about his ugly past.

Anna has a dark secret: She witnessed the event that so often causes him to stare into space … looking terrified. Anna, horrified by what she saw, followed her mother’s advice: The truth will destroy many lives, so you must keep it to yourself, forever. As Christmas approaches, the slips of paper added to her blessing jar are prayers for guidance. If she confesses what she knows, will it release him from the awful burden he’s carried for so many years, or will he resent her? And does she love him enough to risk losing him … to set him free?

Louisa's Christmas Blessing
by Dana R. Lynn

Louisa Stoltzfus was 16 when her dreams were stolen by a horrible accident. It had taken all her strength and faith to survive and learn to walk again. The dreams she had of marrying and having a family, however, were destroyed in the accident. Now she spends her days building up her quilting shop and tutoring her nieces. When Caleb Miller moves back to Spartansburg, PA, she is delighted to see her old friend again. But Caleb has changed and is no longer the boy she used to laugh with.

Caleb has loved Louisa since they were kids. It was always his plan to court her … until he started making bad choices. Choices that forced him to leave and separated him from all he loved. Coming back was difficult. Reclaiming the faith he lost will take strength and perseverance. When the truth about him comes to light, will his chance with Louisa be destroyed, or will he blessed beyond his dreams this Christmas?

A Stranger for Christmas
by Serena B. Miller

Ghostwriter Amy Stanton specializes in autobiographies. Alone in her Manhattan apartment, she breathes life into other people’s stories, rocketing them to bestseller lists. With several deadlines looming, the last thing Amy needs is to inherit a farm in Ohio Amish country.

Lucas Hershberger is an Amish widower who regularly finds himself on the outs with his Old Order Amish bishop. Enduring a temporary shunning as punishment for what the bishop sees as his rebellious attitude, Lucas is in no mood to deal with the Englisch woman who shows up expecting to take possession of the farm he’s been renting and upgrading.

His dream of eventually purchasing the property evaporates when he discovers that with recent spikes in local land prices, the farm is now worth far more than he can ever dream of paying. To make matters worse,  Amy is being pursued by an investor who intends to build a major hotel on the lovely property. And then a stranger shows up on Christmas Eve who changes everything...

The Heart's Return
by Adina Senft

His first choice … her second chance.

Eight years ago, Anna Esch’s parents discouraged Neil Wengerd’s courtship. The family had just had a major blow, and Anna’s leaving would have led to grief and suffering. But obeying her mother’s wishes, Anna said not a word, only refused Neil in terms that wounded him past bearing. Hurt and angry, he left Whinburg Township … and took Anna’s heart with him.

Now Neil is back for a wedding and staying with his sister and brother-in-law, who have rented the farm from Anna’s father. The whole district is buzzing. Not about Anna and Neil—everyone’s forgotten they ever courted. But about Neil and Malinda Kanagy, who is everything Anna isn’t.

Can Anna stand by and watch his family make the perfect match for the man she’s never been able to forget? Or will she realize in time that Christmas is the season for God’s gifts and second chances?

The Christmas Fudge Miracle by Susan Simpson

The women of Cherry Hill’s Old Order Amish community are putting together a collection of recipes to sell at their Christmas market. They have a good variety, but absolutely must have the late Naomi Yoder’s Chocolate Cloud Fudge recipe to make their book complete. The problem is that David Yoder, Naomi’s only son, has become more reclusive since his mother’s passing and refuses to cooperate.

BethAnn Byler has been elected by the “cookbook cronies” to coax David into relinquishing the needed recipe. Her protests fall on deaf ears, so she reluctantly accepts the challenge. Her scheme backfires, though, leaving both BethAnn and David angry, hurt, and embarrassed—just when a friendship looked promising. She seeks to make amends and discovers the secret reason for David’s resistance. Can a fudge recipe be the miracle that finally restores hope and healing?

An Unexpected Christmas Gift
by Jennifer (J.E.B.) Spredemann

Janie Mishler is content with her life as an alt maedel helping out at her father’s Amish dry goods store, but she’s always wondered "what if?" What if Elson hadn’t passed on? What if she’d met someone else? What if she could raise a family of her own? But with each year that passes, Janie relinquishes her unfulfilled dreams. That is, until she receives an unexpected Christmas gift from someone who appears to be a stranger. Rob Zehr put his Amish life behind him to forget about his painful past and follow his lifelong dream of becoming a pilot. Although he still communicates with his family, he has no desire to return to his old lifestyle. When he receives a mysterious note in the mail, he responds out of sheer intrigue. He never imagined that the note’s writer could be the one to draw him back to his roots and open his heart to the possibility of love again. Are their circumstances merely coincidence? Or could it be God’s unseen hand working a Christmas miracle?

The Christmas Prayer
by Lenora Worth

When Thomas Bauer is called home to Green Mountain Township because his Grossmammi Esther is dying, he’s surprised to find his former sweetheart Lizzie Haines taking care of Esther. Thomas and Lizzie had a bad breakup, and he thought she’d remarried. Turns out she’s still single, which his shrewd grossmammi knows.

Esther has one prayer for this Christmas—to right the wrongs of the past and bring Thomas and Lizzie back together before she dies. Can they find the forgiveness they need and the love they once had for each other?