Spend Christmas in Amish country.

As snow falls softly outside the window, curl up by the fire with this collection of 14 stories by your favorite Amish fiction authors.

Let them transport you to Amish communities all across the country. Travel to small towns where horses clip-clop down the road, farms dot the snow-covered landscape, and families gather to celebrate the real meaning of Christmas.

Sigh over sweet stories that touch your heart. Laugh, cry, rejoice, and smile as couples renew their faith and find their perfect soul mates. These heartwarming tales of faith, hope, love, and Christmas miracles are our special gift to you.

May you be richly blessed this holiday season as you celebrate the birth of the Saviour of the world!

A Christmas Homecoming
by Mary Alford

A sinner. A saint. A homecoming no one expected!

Simon Lambright has plenty to be sorry for—including a prideful mistake that almost destroyed three lives. With mistakes weighing heavily on his heart, can Simon overcome the past and the impression his former community still has of him, and be the man he was meant to be? Widow Abigail Petersheim is embracing the future she hopes is waiting for her and her daughter Lyddie this holiday season when she returns to the tiny Amish community of St. Ignatius, Montana. When her cousin needs help at the family bakery, Abigail is convinced the job offer comes straight from Gott and will be the Christmas miracle she and Lyddie so desperately need. Yet nothing about her homecoming is as she envisioned, and the childhood farm she once cherished is about as broken as Abigail’s life. Abigail enlists the help of her neighbor and carpenter Simon Lambright to repair her home, but soon discovers a friendship from long ago will turn into something worth cherishing. And the past that brought two wounded souls back to St. Ignatius will become a homecoming neither expected.

Peanut Butter Christmas
by Jennifer Beckstrand

Volunteer firefighter Jerry Zimmerman left his Amish community without telling anyone, not even his girlfriend Mary Yutzy. Four months later, Mary is still heartbroken, and now, at the beginning of the Christmas season, she is having trouble finding anything to be merry about. Eight-year-old twins Alfie and Benji Petersheim can’t stand the thought of Mary being sad at Christmastime, and they’re determined to lure Jerry back to Bienenstock. Unfortunately, to get Jerry’s attention, they might have to set something on fire, and Mamm would never approve. Add a pair of ice skates, a chocolate peanut butter pie, and two walkie-talkies, and the boys are up to their eyeballs in mischief. Even though she resists the pull of romance and the wonder of Christmas, Mary might just discover that Christmas miracles can be found even when you’re not looking for them.


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A Gift Worth Waiting For
by Tracy Fredrychowski

Coming soon from Kathleen Fuller

Coming soon from Rachel J. Good

The Blessing Jar
by Loree Lough

Louisa's Christmas Blessing
by Dana R. Lynn

Coming soon from Serena B. Miller

The Heart's Return
by Adina Senft

His first choice … her second chance.

Eight years ago, Anna Esch’s parents discouraged Mose King’s courtship. With four older brothers, he would never have a chance to work the family farm, and his job was not enough to support a wife. So he left Whinburg Township … and took Anna’s heart with him. Now Mose is back for a wedding and staying with his sister and brother-in-law, who have rented the farm from Anna’s father. The whole district is buzzing. Not about Anna and Mose—everyone’s forgotten they ever courted. But about Mose and Malinda Kanagy, who is everything Anna isn’t. Can Anna stand by and watch his family make the perfect match for the man she’s never been able to forget? Or will she realize in time that Christmas is the season for God’s gifts and second chances?

Coming soon from Susan Simpson

An Unexpected Christmas Gift
by Jennifer (J.E.B.) Spredemann

Janie Mishler is content with her life as an alt maedel helping out at her father’s Amish dry goods store, but she’s always wondered "what if?" What if Elson hadn’t passed on? What if she’d met someone else? What if she could raise a family of her own? But with each year that passes, Janie relinquishes her unfulfilled dreams. That is, until she receives an unexpected Christmas gift from someone who appears to be a stranger. Rob Zehr put his Amish life behind him to forget about his painful past and follow his lifelong dream of becoming a pilot. Although he still communicates with his family, he has no desire to return to his old lifestyle. When he receives a mysterious note in the mail, he responds out of sheer intrigue. He never imagined that the note’s writer could be the one to draw him back to his roots and open his heart to the possibility of love again. Are their circumstances merely coincidence? Or could it be God’s unseen hand working a Christmas miracle?

The Christmas Prayer
by Lenora Worth