The Christmas Fudge Miracle

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In my story, “The Christmas Fudge Miracle,” BethAnn Byler learns the hard way that people aren’t always what they seem and that first impressions can be completely wrong. She doesn’t want to approach David Yoder to ask for his mother’s recipe for the community cookbook, but she reluctantly accepts her mother’s challenge to do so. Unfortunately, BethAnn also learns that things rarely go according to plan.

Here is an excerpt from the story:

“I’m talking about our Christmas cookbook, of course. We need to gather all the recipes right away so that the Englisch printer can have them back to us in plenty of time before the holidays. We want to sell them with our wreaths and homemade items at the Christmas market at the Cherry Hill library.”

“Okay. I know all of that, but I don’t think I’m going to like the job you’ve assigned to me.”

“Nonsense. You will be perfect. All the other ladies working on the book agree. And you do still want to help, ain’t so?”

“Sure.” Suddenly, BethAnn regretted that decision to offer her assistance with the book’s production in whatever way she could. “Why do I get the feeling that you’ve given me the task that nobody else wants.”

“Not so. You are absolutely the best choice for this.”

“Now I know it’s something completely despicable if you have to butter me up so much.”

Mamm smiled. “It will be easy. We simply want you to get Naomi Yoder’s chocolate cloud fudge recipe from her son.”

AchMamm! You know how David is about anything belonging to his mamm. It will take a miracle to wrestle that recipe from him. Didn’t someone ask for Naomi’s zesty potato salad recipe for a community picnic, and he flatly refused?”

“That was some time ago. You will have more success. After all, you went to school with David and have attended singings with him. Surely, you have talked to each other enough over the years to be freinden.”

“David was two grades ahead of me, and he stopped attending singings when his mudder passed. We might smile and nod at each other, but that hardly makes us best freinden. How about if I give you some more recipes instead? You have my chocolate peppermint fudge recipe and my peanut butter fudge recipe and even my special Christmas pie recipe, but you know how everyone loves my lemon squares. I can give—”

“Those are all scrumptious, for sure, but we need Naomi Yoder’s recipe. Not only is that fudge heavenly, but including the recipe will be a tribute to a dear freind. Just be your usual charming self, and I’m sure David will cooperate.”

“I’d rather snatch a rat from a rattlesnake’s jaws!”

Mamm burst out laughing. “How many times have you done that?”

“None, actually, but it has to be a lot easier than what you want me to do.”

Her mudder reached over to tuck a strand of BethAnn’s auburn hair beneath her kapp. “You will find a way to talk to David. I have faith in you.”

“I certainly am glad one of us has confidence in me because I have none whatsoever. I’d really rather take a beating, Mamm. Can I go out and fetch you a switch?”

I hope you enjoy all 14 of these wonderful Christmas stories!!



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