The Christmas Program

By Laura Bradford

I feel like a kid on Christmas morning now that our collection, Amish Christmas Miracles, if finally here! Boy, are you readers in for a treat with 14 stories from 14 different authors… So cuddle up, grab a blanket and a hot cocoa, and be prepared to meet some pretty amazing characters. You can purchase the book (in print or digital form) from a variety of online vendors, including:


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In my story, The Christmas Program, you will meet Leah Miller, a teacher. Answering the call for a teacher in a neighboring district just weeks before Christmas, Leah has a lot on her plate. In addition to learning all of the children’s names and taking over their lessons, she must also prepare them for the annual Christmas program–a beloved tradition in so many Amish communities.

It’s a fun time for the children and for Leah as they decorate their classroom and learn the songs and skits they’ll be sharing with their families on the big night. Everyone is excited except one little girl, Emily Mast.

Unlike the other children at the school, Emily is nervous about standing in front of people. But with Leah’s help and guidance (and her repeated assurance that she’ll be there to smile at Emily throughout the performance), Emily agrees to try.

Leah’s hard work may be for naught, though, when an unexpected wrinkle makes it so there may be no Christmas program at all…

For me, as a person, I believe God blesses each of us with living, breathing angels–people who come into our lives when we need them most. People who remind us, every day, of God’s love for each and every one of us. The key is learning to see them in our lives and to be them in the lives of others.

Leah is, in many ways, that angel-on-earth for little Emily. And Wes Hostetler, the handsome and very kind older brother of Leah’s student, Luke, may end up being Leah’s.

Happy reading!


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